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Stumptown Disc Golf Club

General Meeting Notes 2022


2022 Goals

  • Improve social media presence (moderators, instagram, events planning/sharing)
  • Increase community engagement (memberships, volunteers, work parties)
  • Expand education initiatives (clinics/schools), grow women and junior disc golf events,

January 31, 2022 – Monday 7pm (virtual meeting)

Attendance: 15




  • Past Events
    • 2021 Slosh Series (4)
      • Heiders (Shaun Kirk), N Bonneville (Jesse Tomaino), McCormick (Michael Grummert), Stub Stewart (Nick Marshall)
    • 2022 Slosh Series (4)
      • Heiders (Shaun Kirk), Bonneville (Michael Grummert), Buxton (Andre Fredrick), Timber (Jeremy Allison)
      • Considering moving to trophy only for AMs in 2023
    • Portland Open (Andre ran volunteer efforts)
      • Volunteers got this event off the ground, installing the course in just three days
      • 100+ volunteers provided spotting assistance, parking detail, and scorekeeping over the three-day event
    • Stumptown Putting League – Basket Brawl (CaSaundra)
      • 90 players (through 9 weeks), 
      • Good juniors turnout, uplay fundraising, help from Jason Hardin (baskets)
      • Expanding to Multiple divisions
    • Course Projects:
      • Pier Work Party (with FoPP) – new signs, new sleeves, lots of planting
      • Milo work parties last spring (endless cleanup)


  • Upcoming Events
    • Northwest Collegiate Invitational at Milo March 12th-13th 
      • Nate Ryan/Cory Higdon (sponsored by Stumptown)
    • 2022 Beaver State Fling Silver series (DGPT) – Jun 10-12 
      • TD Jesse Tomaino, Asst TD Seth Seeman
      • Sponsors: Discraft, Resistance Discs
      • Need 36 hole sponsors and vendors for vendor village
      • Work parties, volunteers, 
    • 2022 Portland Open (DGPT Elite series) June 2-5
      • TDs Brian Cole/Jeff Spring and Andre Fredrick to run volunteer efforts
      • 4-day event, with pros playing at Glendoveer and Blue Lake
      • Will be looking for volunteers and offering priority to Stumptown Disc Golf members
    • TENTATIVE:  2022 Rose City Open – Jul 8-10
      • Kevin O’Connor with Stumptown to lead
        3 Day B tier – Blue Lake and Pier Park
      • We do not aim to make this a national event. Our goal is to make it the premier Portland area championship
      • Blue Lake is reserved, with Brian Cole working to secure Pier Park
    • Stumptown Junior Championships (sanctioned)
      • Tentative: Saturday, Oct 1. at Champoeg


2022 Course Updates

  • Pier Park – need to discuss priority for which teepads to replace
    • Replace pavers on winter holes, winter 3/4
  • Blue Lake – signage and staking (waiting for PO layout and work parties)
  • Hagg Lake – new teepads
  • Milo McIver – need to discuss priority for which teepads to replace, layouts for BSF, hole 18 E.
    • Will need to look at FPO pads in particular
    • Hole 18 East lost its signature guardian tree, so we may need to think about re-designing it


Grant Program

  • 2021
    • WIllamette DGC basket Sponsorship support
    • Helped to replace baskets at Willamette and Adair
  • Oregon Women’s Disc Golf Championships (champoeg)
    • Trophies, players pack support, club memberships
    • 56 women competed
  • Oregon Collegiate DG League
  • 2022
    • $805 rolling over, plus remaining slosh funds from this year



  • 182 active members in 2021, 

  • Benefits: NA, Huklab, PDGA, PIAS-Beaverton,
    New benefits:  upperpark, Oregon Sports/Family Chiropractic, priority for volunteering, phish tickets!



  • BSF Account: ~$13,125 
  • Main Account: ~$26,150
    • Slosh Series: $11,250
    • Chick Flick: $5,000
    • Rose City Open:  $4,000
    • ORDGC: $2000
    • Grant Program: $805
    • General: $3,100


Other (open to floor)

  • Discussion: Bring back Stumptown Bag tags?

    • Jesse Miller: Moved here 5 months ago from the Bay area. NorCal area has a lot of bag tag leagues that operate. Could be a good fundraising initiative as well as getting the community more involved in casual bag-tag rounds. Is interested in hosting bag-tag events as well where you would earn ratings.  Bernal Bruns to help with this effort. 





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